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Women finally allowed to join prestigious sailing club

News 14th August 2013

At long last, the decision has been made to allow women to join one of the world’s most exclusive sailing clubs.

The Royal Yacht Squadron, based in 16th century Cowes Castle, agreed last week to lift the outdated ban, which forbade even the Queen from entering. The ban has been upheld since the RYS was founded back in 1815.


The club has 475 members and 150 of them attended the meeting, giving a unanimous decision in favour of changing the rules (but this still needs to be ratified by all club members).

Although the club has had female associates since the 1960s, including the Queen and Princess Anne, it has always forbidden ladies from taking out full memberships.

The Duke of Edinburgh is Admiral of the club and once visited the club with the Queen by his side. But although the Duke was allowed to glide through the doors, Her Royal Highness wasn’t allowed in.

All aboard

Given that the sailing community is absolutely crammed with talented female sailors, it’s a move that will no doubt be applauded by many as long overdue.

In a statement, the Royal Yacht Squadron said: “The club is delighted to confirm that, following extensive consideration and consultation within its membership, the Regatta Meeting of Members unanimously passed a resolution.

“This will instruct the committee to bring forward rule changes to the Spring Meeting next year that will give effect the agreement that Ladies may be proposed for membership.” (Source: The Daily Mail)

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