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Grow your Instagram while at sea with no signal

Marine Software 1st September 2017

There are a growing number of people choosing to live on a boat. This is mainly because it can be a
cheaper cost of living with no rent to pay. For others, it is about the adventure and the freedom to
travel the world. Even though it is a lower cost of living one will still need money for food and boat
maintenance among other things. You do not need to be rich or retired to live on a boat.

How to support yourself living on a boat

Many people have online businesses to support themselves and are working and making money,
from the boat, while they travel.
The benefit of having an online business is that you can enjoy being free with the ability to earn
an income traveling to any location in the world.

Instagram can be used to promote your business

Instagram is used by many businesses to launch marketing campaigns in order to promote
their business or brand. They see this social media platform as a great opportunity due to the
fact there is a highly active user base that can be targeted to build a viable audience. With a
planned marketing strategy, your business can be successful in gaining exposure for its brand.

Traveling on the open sea does have some limitations. It could mean you may not have access
to the internet for large parts of the day or days on end depending on where you are traveling

How can you grow your Instagram account on a boat with no signal?

This leads to the commonly asked question of how to grow your Instagram account while
traveling on a boat.

According to Income Artist, this can be done with the help of an automated service such as an Instagram Bot. The Bots are
a popular choice as people look for a time efficient and effective solution to automate their
social media account. Unlike buying followers the Bot will allow you to be able to gain followers that are real people.

This is done by automating your posts, likes and comments on other accounts. The good thing is that the Bot will not target random accounts, it will use hashtags to find accounts that are relevant to yours. It is a much more time efficient approach than doing these things manually.

A Bot can is an ideal choice to grow your Instagram account while at sea with no signal as it can manage and schedule posts on these multiple accounts.

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