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Grow your Instagram while at sea with no signal

Marine Software 1st September 2017

There are a growing number of people choosing to live on a boat. This is mainly because it can be a
cheaper cost of living with no rent to pay. For others, it is about the adventure and the freedom to
travel the world. Even though it is a lower cost of living one will still need money for food and boat
maintenance among other things. You do not need to be rich or retired to live on a boat.

How to support yourself living on a boat

Many people have online businesses to support themselves and are working and making money,
from the boat, while they travel.
The benefit of having an online business is that you can enjoy being free with the ability to earn
an income traveling to any location in the world.

Instagram can be used to promote your business

Instagram is used by many businesses to launch marketing campaigns in order to promote
their business or brand. They see this social media platform as a great opportunity due to the
fact there is a highly active user base that can be targeted to build a viable audience. With a
planned marketing strategy, your business can be successful in gaining exposure for its brand.

Traveling on the open sea does have some limitations. It could mean you may not have access
to the internet for large parts of the day or days on end depending on where you are traveling

How can you grow your Instagram account on a boat with no signal?

This leads to the commonly asked question of how to grow your Instagram account while
traveling on a boat.

According to Income Artist, this can be done with the help of an automated service such as an Instagram Bot. The Bots are
a popular choice as people look for a time efficient and effective solution to automate their
social media account. Unlike buying followers the Bot will allow you to be able to gain followers that are real people.

This is done by automating your posts, likes and comments on other accounts. The good thing is that the Bot will not target random accounts, it will use hashtags to find accounts that are relevant to yours. It is a much more time efficient approach than doing these things manually.

A Bot can is an ideal choice to grow your Instagram account while at sea with no signal as it can manage and schedule posts on these multiple accounts.

IT support for keeping your IT running while you’re sailing 

Marine Software 1st June 2017

Your online IT business relies solely on technology. As you are location independent and working
from anywhere while sailing you may not have access to the internet for large parts of the day. If a
problem was to occur with your website it could have a negative result on your business as it could
be a long time before you are aware of the issue and able to resolve it.

A solution to this problem

The most effective solution to avoid having this problem is to outsource your IT support to keep
your IT running while you are sailing. Doing this can have a number of positive effects on your
online business.

A more time efficient approach

Your time is precious and should be spent concentrating on your core business activities by
freeing up the time it will allow you to focus on growing your business. Therefore by
outsourcing your IT support, it will allow you to focus on your business or even things outside of
your business when you are sailing. As opposed to doing your IT support yourself which will be
more time-consuming.

Constant support means less downtime

Another benefit of outsourcing your IT support when you are sailing is that it is important for
your technology to run 24/7 because it is the core of your business. Therefore it’s important to
be prepared to respond if any IT queries or problems that may occur.
This is why it is good to have an IT support team with available resources, as it will help to solve
problems quickly and therefore reduce your online business downtime. This downtime may
have a direct impact on revenue loss.

Shared risk factor

One benefit of outsourcing your IT support to a third party is that you are offloading some of
the risk and responsibility. Therefore with less stress, you will become more dynamic and
focused on producing results.
Running your own online business can be difficult and of course, time-consuming. It can be
more difficult to do this while sailing on a boat. That is why it is a good approach to seek help
from third-party experts who can assist you and help to keep your business running efficiently
while you are sailing by offering remote support.

Blogging from your boat

Marine Software 1st April 2016

With real estate and property prices constantly rising have you ever considered living on a

You can indeed live on a boat and save a lot of money on rent and have a lower cost of living as
the boat is already paid for.

Some boats can be small however living a minimal lifestyle can have a positive effect on your
health as the simple life is less stressful.

The typical concept of a job

Most people think of work as something that involves sitting in rush hour traffic to get to a
boring office where they sit in a cubicle all day. However, a growing number of people have
businesses online with no physical office. Having an online business is a lot cheaper option
because you have minimal overhead costs that other businesses have for example renting an
office and furniture it.

The modern concept of a job

For example, drop shipping, blogging or affiliate marketing are popular ones because they can
be set up with no startup costs. These jobs are great because they can be done freelancing and
allow you to work remotely.
If you could combine having an online business with living on a boat it could be a low-cost way
to live an exciting lifestyle as you can enjoy true freedom with the ability to earn an income
travelling anywhere in the world.

How to make money with a blog

Need help setting up a blog? Fred Harrington has detailed the steps. A blog is the best way to do start your business online because there are many options and lots of opportunities.

Blogs can make money from advertisements and affiliate links.

If your blog is popular you could receive discounts on products or even get free products for
putting an advertisement on your site or promoting it on social media.

It is possible to make money writing guest posts on other people’s blogs or you can get paid to post other people articles on your own.

When setting up your blog an important tip is to choose a niche market as this can help
separate yourself from other blogs. Therefore do not be broad.

When you select this niche to make sure there is an audience that will be interested in it that you can target.

In order to make your blog successful, it is important to be valuable. This is done by writing high-quality content that readers will find useful to them.

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