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Engraving your boat equipment

Marine Equipment, Marine Safety 1st August 2016

Losing valuables overboard on a ship is generally low risk. However, did you know that boats
have a potential high risk for theft?

Boats on trailers and expensive equipment can be seen as easy crime targets by thieves. If you are not careful you could become a victim of marine theft. What can you do to make sure that
your boat stays in your possession?

  • Do not leave valuables around.
  • Engrave items
  • Lock it up
  • Insure items

Do not leave valuables around

It may be common sense however many people still do not follow this advice. Do not leave any
valuables on board. If expensive equipment is out of sight it cannot be stolen. Many marine
theft incidents occur because boat owners do not remove valuable equipment from it, which
makes it attractive to thieves. Remove all equipment from your boat and store it in a garage or
a secure area.

Use a laser engraver to mark items

Engraving and marking can help to prevent marine theft. This is because the engraved or
marked equipment is less likely to be stolen as it is hard to resell. Also if engraved items do become stolen these markings can help the merchandise be traced.

A handheld laser engraver (purchase from a reputable retailer) can be used to permanently mark or engrave hidden locations on
your boat, trailer, equipment, electronics and personal items which are regularly used on the
boat. Further reviews can be found on SelectedBest.

These items should be engraved with both your vessels hull identification number and your
driver’s license number. It is recommended to engrave them in areas where they are hidden.

Ensure that your boat is covered

Boat insurance for coverage against damage and theft. Remember to ensure personal property
on the boat. All serial numbers and markings on your equipment should be recorded on a boat
equipment identification list. This list should be kept in a safe location away from your boat.

Therefore in the event of theft, you will have detailed records to make an insurance claim and to help police track your items. It will help to keep photographs of the boat, engine and boating equipment too.

Lock it up in a secure location

Secure the boat by storing it and the trailer in a locked garage or secured boat storage facility.

Where it is kept safe and out of sight from potential thieves.
If you, unfortunately, become a victim of marine theft you should report your loss to the police, the coast guard, your insurance company and the marina. If the stolen equipment can be easily identified it could be recovered and the thieves can be prosecuted for stolen goods.

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