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Best Waterproof Laptop Bag 2018

Marine Equipment, Reviews 24th January 2018

Best waterproof laptop bags 2018

For most people, one of the top reasons that sailing is enjoyable is that it can be the perfect opportunity to switch off from using the computer and checking emails. Even with the best intention to break away from opening up your laptop screen, sometimes you just have to check in with work, review a report, send that important email or maybe even type a few more paragraphs for the blog post that you’ve been meaning to put up for a while.

The salty sea and air aren’t too kind to most electronics unless they are designed specifically for marine use and the likely scenario is that your laptop is not going to last long in the elements or worst case scenario, falls in the water.

If you must bring your trusty portable computer and accessories with you then we recommend you invest in a protective waterproof laptop bag for that extra piece of mind and to save you splashing out on a replacement laptop when you reach dry land!

We have reviewed the best waterproof laptop bags available in 2018 to help you make the right decision.

What to consider

There is a wide range of options on the market to choose from, which begs the questions, what is the most important consideration when it comes down to the final pick of the bunch? With varying shapes, sizes and specifications, most of the options have similarities but it could be a subtle difference or a bonus feature that could sway you either way. We recommend making a note in your mind of the most crucial things that you really need and why.

Editors choice

After a thorough inspection of the positives and negatives for each of the products that were reviewed and comparing the pros and cons for each, the top choice for the best waterproof laptop bag by far was the YAAGLE Military Tactical 50L/60L Waterproof Laptop Bag

This bag has been designed for 15.6/17-inch laptops and doubles up as a backpack and duffel bag giving you more options for comfort when using for travel outdoors, which makes it the number one contender when using for sports like sailing, hiking, cycling, climbing, biking and camping to keep your equipment safe and dry.

Second place goes to

Special mention

Here’s how they stack up

  1. Banuce 15.6 Laptop Briefcase for Men Waterproof Fabric PU Leather Messenger Bag

    Waterproof oxford fabric with PU leather
    Top zip clousre, Top handle with 4.5 inch drop
    Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with pad
    Exterior front with 2 pockets. Interior Padded laptop sleeve fits up to 15.6 inch laptop, Main section fits up to 16 inch laptop.
    Dimension: 16L *5.25D *12.75H inch.

    Best feature

    Worst feature

    In summary

    Third party reviews

  2. YAAGLE Mens Womens Military Combat Tactical 50L/60LWaterproof 900D Oxford Sports Biking Hiking Cycling Climbing Camping Rucksack Outdoor Backpack Travel Duffle Bag 15.6/17-inch Laptop Pack

    Best feature

    Worst feature

    In summary

    Third party reviews

  3. OneOdio 15.4 Business Laptop Briefcase, Waterproof Tweed & Microfiber Leather Messenger Bag with Handle and Detachable Shoulder Strap (15.4 inch, grey)

    Best feature

    Worst feature

    In summary

    Third party reviews

  4. YANGYANJING Waterproof Canvas Vintage Cotton Genuine Leather Casual Leisure School Outdoor Travel Satchel Laptop Messenger Shoulder Bag (Khaki-1)

    Best feature

    Worst feature

    In summary

    Third party reviews

  5. Waterproof Canvas Messenger Bag,Aizbo Men’s Crossbody Shoulder Satchel Bag Laptop Bag for 15 Inches, Large Size (Army Green)

    Best feature

    Worst feature

    In summary

    Third party reviews

  6. Gusti Leder studio “Pharell” Genuine Leather Briefcase Business Office 13″ Laptop Document Teacher College Messenger Waterproofed Lined Bag Unisex Brown 2B13-20-1wp

    Beautiful Briefcase Style Business Bag in a Classic Design


    Two main internal pockets
    Additional zip pockets both inside and on the rear of the bag
    Adjustable shoulder strap (approx. 43.3 x 1.6 in (110 x 4cm))
    Produced using genuine leather from traditional tanneries
    Lined with waterproof material
    Chemically dyed using Chrome salt
    Care Tip: use a leather Impregnation spray
    Due to the nature of the material and the way in which it was produced, this bag features a distinctive leather smell which reduces with regular use. Each bag has its own unique and distinct leather wash. This simply enhances the unique appearance of your bag and adds extra character.
    Dimensions: (WxHxD) 14 x 10.6 x 3.7 in (36 x 27 x 9.5 cm)
    Material: Leather, Cowhide
    Colour: Natural Brown

    Best feature

    Lined with waterproof material

    Worst feature

    Leather can be more pricey and requires regular aftercare

    In summary

    Third party reviews

    Other people said this product was good and useful for everyday use. Preferred over using a briefcase.

Which one is right for you?

When choosing the right product for you, it’s important to decide where you are most likely to use it and what scenario you will be using it for.Will you be spending a long time on board a tall ship or cruise where you might have the luxury of a spacious cabin or locker, will you be spending most days on and offshore via dinghy or maybe you are planning some adventurous kayaking trips and you have limited space to bring your equipment with you.

These factors will make a difference when it comes to buying a new bag.

If being waterproof isn’t a huge concern you can always check out these laptop bags reviewed by Spire.

Engraving your boat equipment

Marine Equipment, Marine Safety 1st August 2016

Losing valuables overboard on a ship is generally low risk. However, did you know that boats
have a potential high risk for theft?

Boats on trailers and expensive equipment can be seen as easy crime targets by thieves. If you are not careful you could become a victim of marine theft. What can you do to make sure that
your boat stays in your possession?

  • Do not leave valuables around.
  • Engrave items
  • Lock it up
  • Insure items

Do not leave valuables around

It may be common sense however many people still do not follow this advice. Do not leave any
valuables on board. If expensive equipment is out of sight it cannot be stolen. Many marine
theft incidents occur because boat owners do not remove valuable equipment from it, which
makes it attractive to thieves. Remove all equipment from your boat and store it in a garage or
a secure area.

Use a laser engraver to mark items

Engraving and marking can help to prevent marine theft. This is because the engraved or
marked equipment is less likely to be stolen as it is hard to resell. Also if engraved items do become stolen these markings can help the merchandise be traced.

A handheld laser engraver (purchase from a reputable retailer) can be used to permanently mark or engrave hidden locations on
your boat, trailer, equipment, electronics and personal items which are regularly used on the
boat. Further reviews can be found on SelectedBest.

These items should be engraved with both your vessels hull identification number and your
driver’s license number. It is recommended to engrave them in areas where they are hidden.

Ensure that your boat is covered

Boat insurance for coverage against damage and theft. Remember to ensure personal property
on the boat. All serial numbers and markings on your equipment should be recorded on a boat
equipment identification list. This list should be kept in a safe location away from your boat.

Therefore in the event of theft, you will have detailed records to make an insurance claim and to help police track your items. It will help to keep photographs of the boat, engine and boating equipment too.

Lock it up in a secure location

Secure the boat by storing it and the trailer in a locked garage or secured boat storage facility.

Where it is kept safe and out of sight from potential thieves.
If you, unfortunately, become a victim of marine theft you should report your loss to the police, the coast guard, your insurance company and the marina. If the stolen equipment can be easily identified it could be recovered and the thieves can be prosecuted for stolen goods.

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