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Boat furniture keeping it clean and using fabric spray to change colors

Boat Furniture 1st November 2016

Sailing on a boat you can be exposed to UV rays from the sun which can damage your skin, but
your skin is not all that needs protection from the sun.

Your boat can become damaged from sun exposure. It is important to protect vinyl boat seats from the effects of sun, weather and time so it does not become worn and can maintain its value.

Vinyl is a durable material that is waterproof and commonly used to produce boat seat.
However, this synthetic material is susceptible to damage when exposed to too much sunlight
over long periods of time which can cause them to dry out and fade. Cleaning and caring for
your vinyl boat seats can help protect them from the suns UV rays and thus prolong their life.

Clean your boat upholstery

Cleaning your boat upholstery from dirt and debris allows protectants to become properly
absorbed by the boat.
Applying a wax and buffing it may be time-consuming and labour-intensive but it provides good
results to protect your boat.

Use seat covers

When you are not sailing keep your boat seats covered when they are not being used. This will
help prolong them from becoming faded as they are being protected from the sun.
If your boat seats do become damaged by things such as wear and tear or sun damage. It may
seem like a good idea to get rid of these aesthetically unappealing seats. However, this could be
an expensive option. There is another choice to up-scale these worn seats and make them look
as good as new or even better.

Have your seats reupholstered

Hiring someone to reupholster the seats is an effective way to have them looking good again.
However, the cost of materials and labour may workout to costing more than buying new seats.
Thus it is not a cost-effective option.
A more cost-effective option would be to reupholster the seats yourself. Upholstery is a skilled
trade and may result in being a very time-consuming process for someone who is not skilled in
this craft.

The recommended choice

The best choice is to use fabric spray paint (from fabricspray.co.uk) on your boat seats to give them new life. This is a
low investment and is the most effective and time-efficient choice. It can be applied quickly to
the seats and dries fast.

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