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Blogging from your boat

Marine Software 1st April 2016

With real estate and property prices constantly rising have you ever considered living on a

You can indeed live on a boat and save a lot of money on rent and have a lower cost of living as
the boat is already paid for.

Some boats can be small however living a minimal lifestyle can have a positive effect on your
health as the simple life is less stressful.

The typical concept of a job

Most people think of work as something that involves sitting in rush hour traffic to get to a
boring office where they sit in a cubicle all day. However, a growing number of people have
businesses online with no physical office. Having an online business is a lot cheaper option
because you have minimal overhead costs that other businesses have for example renting an
office and furniture it.

The modern concept of a job

For example, drop shipping, blogging or affiliate marketing are popular ones because they can
be set up with no startup costs. These jobs are great because they can be done freelancing and
allow you to work remotely.
If you could combine having an online business with living on a boat it could be a low-cost way
to live an exciting lifestyle as you can enjoy true freedom with the ability to earn an income
travelling anywhere in the world.

How to make money with a blog

Need help setting up a blog? Fred Harrington has detailed the steps. A blog is the best way to do start your business online because there are many options and lots of opportunities.

Blogs can make money from advertisements and affiliate links.

If your blog is popular you could receive discounts on products or even get free products for
putting an advertisement on your site or promoting it on social media.

It is possible to make money writing guest posts on other people’s blogs or you can get paid to post other people articles on your own.

When setting up your blog an important tip is to choose a niche market as this can help
separate yourself from other blogs. Therefore do not be broad.

When you select this niche to make sure there is an audience that will be interested in it that you can target.

In order to make your blog successful, it is important to be valuable. This is done by writing high-quality content that readers will find useful to them.

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